A sun-kissed glow may bring a hidden benefit, according to a new study in Cancer Research; a lower risk of prostate cancer.

The study of 905 Caucasian Californians found that as men's skin got darker, their prostate-cancer risk got smaller. Men with the highest levels of sun exposure had half the risk of men with the lowest levels. Warning: too much sun increases the risk of skin cancer.

The Sensible Solution
We believe Indoor Tanning at Beaches Tanning Salon is the Sensible Solution as it eliminates the "guesswork" of tanning outdoors and is easy, convenient and private. Indoor tanning is supervised by a trained professional helping you achieve the desired color you want, reminding you to wear protective eyewear (goggles), encouraging and recommending lotions before and after tanning and helping you avoid over-exposure.
Your skin produces a tan the same way in an indoor tanning salon as it does when you lay out in the sun: through ultraviolet (UV) light. However, out in the sun, you cannot control the amount of UV light exposure, part of the body will get too little exposure and parts will get over exposure resulting in a sunburn, and trying to achieve an all-over even-body tan is very difficult. Indoor tanning allows you to control the amount of UV light, for all-over even tan making indoor tanning the Sensible Solution
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