FAQs about Sunless Tanning

Magic Tan Spray Tan Booth Is the MagicTan Sunless tanning process safe for consumers?
Yes, our solution has been thoroughly tested by us - as well as independent laboratories. To date, MagicTan has produced more than a million UV free tanning sessions throughout the world with no documented reports of any adverse effects. The primary active ingredient in MagicTan solution is DHA, dihydroxyacetone which has been tested and considered safe by the FDA.
Magic Tan Spray Tan Booth
What is DHA?
DHA is a naturally-occurring compound derived from vegetables such as beets or sugar cane. DHA causes a simple sugar-amino acid interaction that colors the outermost layer of the skin. Thanks to these findings, the first "self tanning" product was introduced in 1960. Since then, DHA has become the most popular ingredient in sunless tanning products.

Magic Tan Spray Tan Booth
Is DHA safe to use?
More than 30 years ago, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) evaluated the safety and toxicology of DHA. It was approved for all topical skin applications as a color additive. Plus, DHA has been used as a color additive in numerous food and cosmetic products for several years.

When applying DHA in a spray or mist form as found in the MagicTan spray booths or the handheld sunless tanning system, it may be difficult to avoid exposure to certain areas. The FDA has suggested that when using DHA in a mist or aerosol form consumers should follow these simple safety measures - cover the area of the eye with Winkies, a MagicTan recommended product; protect the lips with a lip balm; use a nasal filter provided at MagicTan salons; avoid inhalation or ingestion of the product.

Does DHA turn the skin orange?
No! DHA formulations have improved dramatically over the last few years. Almost every sunless tanning product on the market today gives far superior results to its predecessors. Regular customer feedback from MagicTan customers reveals that our spray tanning technology provides a golden, natural-looking tan unparalleled in the UV free tanning industry.
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