Tanning Technology

At Beaches Tanning, there's a tanning unit to fit every budget and skin type. We'll help you get the richest, look like you just-left-the-beaches tan possible. So we'll help you determine your skin type and then recommend the best tanning units. With 7 levels of Tanning Systems to choose from, there's a tan and price level that's just right for you.

Beaches Matrix L-33 Tanning Bed The Matrix L-33
Tans Fastest, Deepest, Lasts Longest

Over 22,740 watts of tanning power. It's hectic out there. Come relax in here and get relief from your busy day. The Matrix L-33 is the most powerful high-pressure tanning on the market today. Only 15 minutes to a more gorgeous you.

Beaches Matrix V-28 Tanning Bed
The Matrix V-28
Tans Fastest, Deepest, Lasts Longest

Over 19,640 watts of tanning power. The best performing High-Pressure vertical tanning system available. What used to take 12 sessions can now be done in only 2-4 sessions/month!

Some say we outdid ourselves by always having the most technologically advanced equipment exclusively at Beaches. But we've also outdone the competition.

Beaches Tanning S-Class Tanning Bed S-Class

The S-class features 57 total lamps; an afterbronzer for facial tanning, aromatic fragrances for aromatherapy, double cooled lounge, and optimal filtration system.

Beaches Tanning Magic Tan Spray Tan Booth Sunless Spray on Tanning

"The hottest way to fake a glow like Jennifer Anniston's?"

"Such stars as Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera and Paula Abdul have been spotted at the Uvasun Tanning Center in West Hollywood."
"Clients apply a barrier cream on their hands and feet, then enter a showerlike booth and are sprayed with a solution containing DHA (the same ingredient in self-tanners)"

People Magazine

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Beaches Tanning Ringo 1200 Tanning Bed Ringo 1200
10,500 watts of tanning power.

Uniting both the benefits of high pressure and low pressure lamps, combined with an innovative cooling system, the Ringo is what a high pressure luxury standup tanning unit should be. The Ringo by Sportarredo provides the utmost comfort!

Beaches Tanning Onyx Tanning Bed

Dr. Muller Onyx
Tans Faster, Deeper, and Lasts Longer

The 11,040 watt Onyx tanning bed offers comfort and performance like no other. Achieve amazing results in just 10 minutes. Extra features include surround sound stereo system, adjustable cooling system with multiple levels to provide total comfort throughout the entire tan.

Beaches Tanning Bodyscan 3500 Tanning Bed Sonnenbraune Bodyscan 3500
Tans Fast, Deep, and Lasts

The balanced tan technology in the body zone with 35 VHR Reflective Lamps and 3 - 500 Watt High Pressure Facial Lamps provide the best distribution of the UV lamps for consistent UV intensity, and provide advanced photometric engineering.

Beaches Tanning BodyScan 3500 Tanning Bed

No appointments are ever needed at Beaches Tanning Salon. Since Beaches has more beds than the average tanning salon with faster tanning times, you should be able to get a bed whenever you want with minimal or no waiting time.

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